Code Anarchy

Losing Focus (Part 3)

Not all employers are interested in talent either, even if they really ought to be. Often it’s all about cutting costs and maximizing short-term profits and shareholder value. Yuck. Circuit City famously fired its highest-paid salespeople in 2007 in an effort to cut costs by hiring cheaper replacements.

Awesome how that worked out, isn’t it?

But the lesson is lost on many. The companies that go to great lengths to hire brilliant developers are famous for it. Everyone else is looking for a great deal on “talent,” not a great deal of talent. Software development obviously isn’t the only industry affected by this.

So, back to the original topic. If we suddenly properly educate the “unwashed masses,” what could go wrong?

But the status quo would almost certainly be challenged, and a lot of people, many but not all of whom surely deserve it, could lose out. Maybe that is a little scary.

But what happens if we don’t educate our people?

On the whole, I strongly suspect we’d be better off if more people had access to more education. Dissolving public education entirely seems absolutely insane.

Or is it just trolling? It’s hard to tell…